[SOLUTION] Brain Teaser 7 | Can You Open This Lock?

Video link: https://youtu.be/7x3qGmEaVsY

Clue 4: 738 (All digits are wrong)

This means 7, 3, and 8 can’t be placed in the combination. Looking on to the other four combinations, we can spot 3 and 8 are present in the fifth clue. So, next, we will analyze the clue number five.

Clue 5: 380 (One digit is right but in the wrong place)

One digit is right and we know from clue four that 3 and 8 are wrong, this makes 0 as the right digit. But, it is placed in the wrong place, this means 0 can not be placed in third place and it can be present in the first or the second place.

Clue 3: 206 (Two digits are right but both are in the wrong place)

Out of 2, 0, and 6, we know from clue 5 that 0 is the right digit. Apart from 0, either 2 or 6 is right. This clue also states that the two right digits are at the wrong place. 0 is in the second place, this makes the second place as the wrong place of 0. And we know from clue five that 0 can not be placed in the third place. So, finally, we can say that 0 is placed in the first place. So, till this point, we have 0??.

Clue 1: 682 (One digit is right and in its place)

From this clue we can decide if 6 is correct or not (as we’re confused about 2 and 6 from clue 3). 6 is placed at the first position and we know at first position 0 is placed. This makes 6 wrong and automatically 2 becomes right (from clue 3) and as per this clue it is already placed at the correct place i.e; third place. So, after decoding this clue we have 0?2.

Clue 2: 614 (One digit is right but in the wrong place)

We know already that 6 is not right. Now, the confusion is about 1 and 4. To decode this we can focus on their places, 4 is present in the third place i.e; the place of digit 2. So, 4 is placed at the wrong place and as per this clue, one digit is right but placed at the wrong position. This makes 4 go to the second place. So the final code to unlock the lock is 042.

Is 062 is the unlock code.

042 is the code to unlock the lock. Please go through the above explanation.