How to solve the given circuit by using nodal analysis to find current through terminal A B

By using nodal analysis or mesh analysis calculate current through terminal A and B

you can easily find the solution
step1: find number of loops in mesh analysis or find number of nodes in nodal analysis
step2: assign loop currents in loops mesh analysis or assign voltages to the nodes in nodal analysis.
step3: apply kvl in mesh analysis or apply kcl in nodal analysis.
step4: solve the equations you will find the solution. all the best.

above 5V power supply, mark it as a 5 v and then apply nodal at noda a , you will get two variable and then apply nodal equation at noda C ( above 2i not , assume it as node C) , in this way you will find two equation for 2 variables and after finding voltage at node A, devide it by 3 ohm , you will get your answer.
thank you, if you will tell answer, i will post it’s solution with image