How to install Code::Blocks

1. Click on this link:

2. Then click on downloads tab mentioned on the website.


3. Then click on “download the binary release”.

4. Then you’ll select a suitable package depending on your platform. If you are a windows user, simply click on codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe ​and run this exe file and follow the instructions as it is given. This setup will also download the GNU gcc compiler.

5. Finally, open the codeblocks IDE, you may have to specify the compiler and debugger path

Go to settings -> compiler -> In "Selected Compiler", choose "GNU GCC Compiler" -> Select tab "Toolchain Executables" -> Check the "Compiler's Installation Directory" -> set it to "c:\Program Files\codeblocks\MinGW" if not already set.

6. You are all set.

Happy Coding!
Team Neso

Hello sir I’m shamshuddin and fan of neso academy …in YouTube channel …I installed code bolcks …i set some settings in it by following YouTube tutorials but I’m unable to run the program without error …mainly error showing after main function at first curly bace …it’s telling to me I’d function returned…so I uninstalled code bolcks. Ryt now I’m using visual studio code …but I’m Fall in Love with code blocks IDE. Could you suggest any article or video Plz help me sir
Thank you

Hello, I have just installed code:: Blocks on my PC but I downloaded setup exe file so I got an error at the time of compilation. Can anybody explain to me why? Check Here