Doubt in this Computer Network Question

Q. In a block of addresses, we know the IP address of one host is What is the last address (Limited Broadcast Address) in this block ?

I got the broadcast address as Is it Limited Broadcast address ? I don’t think it is limited as it should be Then what type of Broadcast Address it is ?

Limited broadcast address means if you send a packet to that address all the hosts present in that network with network address as ( will get the packet. That’s why it’s called a limited broadcast address for the network. is a universal broadcast, if you send a packet to this address all the hosts present in the network or LAN will get the packet. Remember LAN can have different networks as well, all the hosts in the LAN will get this packet. Hope this helps!


For any given IP Address, limited Broadcast Address is obtained by setting all its bits to 1. Is it not the case that Limited Broadcast address is always ?

For every given address there is a network part and a host part. what you are referring to is when you set all the bits of the host part as 1’s is when you get the limited broad cast address. you should get the host part and network part correct. for the above IP
every IP address has 32 bits.
for this specific network first 26 bits are network address bits and last 6 bits are host address bits.
when you make all the last 6 bits as 1’s you will get as limited broadcast address.

I think is a Directed Broadcast Address. What do you say ?