About Transistor Amplification (Voltage amplification in CB mode)

Based on that video, I learnt that in CB mode Transistors amplify the i/p voltage, based on the fact that the BC junction is reverse biased and so that the o/p dynamic resistance is higher than the i/p one. So, as the I stays almost the same, o/p V is greater than i/p V.

Now, I am thinking, as Vo = IcRL and it doesn’t depend on the o/p dynamic resistance of the reverse BC junction, then what if I choose RL<Ri(i.e i/p dynamic forward bias resistance of EB junction), how can then the transistor amplify even though being in active region (I’ve biased the Transistor to be working in the active region, just changed the value of RL)?

I tried to find the error myself, I did this, but, the same Vo now seem to have 2 different expressions! Vo=IcRL is dependent to RL only whereas by internal resistance consideration, I have got an expression for Vo which is dependant to Rc instead of RL!