Digital Electronics practice problem-1 (GATE-2017 EC)


Which of the following gives the simplified sum of product expression for the Boolean function \displaystyle{F}={m}_{{0}}+{m}_{{2}}+{m}_{{3}}+{m}_{{5}}, where \displaystyle{m}_{{0}},{m}_{{2}},{m}_{{3}} and \displaystyle{m}_{{5}} are minterms corresponding to the inputs A,B and C with A as the MSB and C as the LSB?

a) \displaystyle\bar{{A}}{B}+\bar{{A}}\bar{{B}}\bar{{C}}+{A}\bar{{B}}{C}
b) \displaystyle\bar{{A}}\bar{{C}}+\bar{{A}}{B}+{A}\bar{{B}}{C}
c) \displaystyle\bar{{A}}\bar{{C}}+{A}\bar{{B}}+{A}\bar{{B}}{C}
d) \displaystyle\bar{{A}}{B}{C}+\bar{{A}}\bar{{C}}+{A}\bar{{B}}{C}


i think optn d is correct


Solve it using K’Map to get the minimized result or in your answer (i.e. option d) take \bar{A} common from the first two terms and simplify.


@ved you may share your solution as well


I.e option B is correct


yup option B is correct


Answer is option B…